Customized open source health solutions for better care.

Open Source Open Standards EMR

VEMR is customized for Canadian Health Care. Always free, you own the code and the data without monthly charges. Knowing patient databases means you can develop apps and web services for custom work flow in house.


VEMR is a modern patient centered health platform, and the world's most deployed and actively developed open source Electronic Medical Record. With hundreds of developers worldwide allow you to design and adapt the solution without vendor lock.


VEMR academic sandbox customized for collaborative learning. Inter-faculty roles based security allows health teams to experience shared care.

Customized health solutions built on modern web services.​

Open EMR Module Tutorials​

Open EMR Module Tutorials

About Us

Vistacan is a software company adapting best in class Open Source health applications for the Canadian market. We have expertise in OpenEMR (EMR), Mirth (HIS adapter), and VistA (EHR). We are using these tools to develop easily deployed powerful health platforms and patient portals. We have offices on campus at UBCO in Kelowna and and nearby Big White Ski Resort.

– Experience and post graduate training in anesthesia, sports medicine, and emergency.

– CEO and founder of Vistacan, an eHealth company bringing innovative open source solutions to distance medicine, including telehealth.

– Expert and previous consultant in medical informatics, and Telehealth for the province of British Columbia.

– Interoperability Expert: Actively contributing to multiple HIS platforms, with robust experience in HL7 interoperability.

– Healthcare Software Specialist: Specialized in Open EMR, LIS, RIS, Medical Billing, and Patient Portal platform development/customization.

– Digital Health Full stack Innovator: Applying full-stack solutions for impactful contributions to digital health innovations.

Open EMR integration and AI-driven initiatives.

With experience in Full Stack Development, currently contributing to Vistacan’s healthcare website maintenance.

Contact Us

Unit 109 975 Academy Way
Next to UBCO, and across from Kelowna Airport.
+1 250 300 3284